Pictures & Information October 2014


I took the following pictures on Monday, October 20th along the Sunnyvale Bay Trails in Sunnyvale, California between approximately 11:25am and 12:35pm with my digital camera.






2 people on bikes riding after “nazi” guy w red shirt.




The blue/white ‘X’ is a new marker. Not sure what it indicates. They were also used ~ 9mos previously for the “investigation” that ended around February 2014. There were several more of these blue & white X markers in different spots along the trails. They have now since been torn away by the wind. This is a new one, and there is at least one more new one that was put up recently.



Sleeveless neon green-shirt guy jogging past me.



A white X-marker leftover from the previous “investigation” that ended in February.





A red pick-up probably doing construction.




Silver truck????




Asian man staring into the canal as I was leaving the bay trails after walking my dog.



This guy? White, male, 5’9″ or 10″, gray hair?, uses my neighbor’s house every morning (for what??).




These two pictures were taken May 21, 2014 at approximately 10:18am along the Sunnyvale Bay Trails.



These pictures were taken November 6, 2013 at 1:43pm along the Sunnyvale Bay Trails. These resemble owl (or other large bird) pellets that birds regurgitate after they have eaten. These appeared to have pieces of crab shells in them, but they were also coated or “painted” with something resembling white paint. Wild bird pellets are not coated with anything white.

I took one home and rinsed it off a little. The rinse water had an oily sheen to it. These pellets remained in the same spot for months, and have now probably been washed away by the tide.



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