Please Do Not Buy the NOOK Version of My Memoir

Barnes & Noble has taken their NOOK version of my memoir off of their website, per my request it is no longer available for purchase. Thank you.


March 12, 2015


Hello! I recently discovered that Barnes & Noble has made a NOOK version of my memoir, Never Give Up, available on The NOOK ebook is an UNAUTHORIZED electronic version of my memoir. Barnes & Noble does NOT have my permission to sell my memoir as a NOOK ebook. I don’t have a contract with Barnes & Noble, & therefore receive no royalties from their NOOK sales of my memoir. This constitutes copyright infringement on the part of Barnes & Noble. Please do not buy the NOOK version of my memoir until this matter has been resolved. The Kindle version of Never Give Up is available on Amazon. Thank you!


March 9, 2015

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