Praying for My Own Happiness

I’m visiting my parents in Colorado this week and so far it’s been very relaxing. It’s also been snowy and very cold! Quite a change from the sunny, 70 degree weather in California. Looking out the family room window into the backyard, the side streets, and the houses behind us, I wonder what it would be like to live year round in a climate with four seasons. It’s a big difference! With the snow and the cold it’s much easier to stay warm indoors, rather than bundle up and brave the icy cold. There doesn’t seem much point in driving to the gym when it’s only 18 degrees outside.

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The voices are still here of course. They came with me to Colorado along with their screaming and yelling and whispering. I’ve mostly managed to ignore them. I’ve started chanting for my own happiness. It seemed as if I was praying for everyone else’s happiness except my own, and my own happiness is definitely very important! Just as important as everyone else’s happiness. I still chant for absolute victory and continue to work on the edits and revisions of my memoir.

My husband and I recently worked on a personal experience video that briefly shows what my daily life is like and gives a little more background information about me and my family. My husband John and my dog Savannah also participated in the video. Please feel free to watch or share.

I’m also going to run another fundraising campaign for my memoir on Pubslush. I’ve made a few revisions to my previous campaign profile and the new site is almost ready to go. If my Pubslush campaign is successful, I will publish my memoir with She Writes Press. Exciting!

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