Psychological Torture and Torment

February 24, 2017 by Posted in: Daily Blog

Let’s start with Preston T. Scott. Then add Dustin Hoffman, Jim Rome and Jeff Myers to the mix. After that we have both my parents: Bert and Shirley Myers. We also have Lin Liu and Warren Myers to include. Who else you might ask? Who else is in Spc 64 right next door to me? What about the CIA Director(s)? Where are they? How about the President of the U.S. or the FBI Director? Former President Obama? Hollywood movie stars? The UN Security Council? The International Criminal Court? Members of Congress? DEA? The Department of Justice? Homeland Security? NSA? Department of Defense? Is there anyone I forgot?

Here’s a rough list of all the people whose names I know who have shown up at one time or another at Spc 64 since August, 2016 and who seem to be the principal offenders of what I will describe is my own personal “psychological terrorism/torture/torment.” By this I mean the intentional, purposeful use of headsets and/or microphones to persecute, mock, harass, torment, question, insult, torture me. The reason I describe the use of the Bluetooth-type headsets as psychological torture is because I have the unique ability to hear their voices from the house next door if they are using the headsets. If they are merely speaking to each other or have the power switched off, I am not able to hear their voices in my own mind.

I have since learned that due to an incident in childhood where I was hit on the top of the head (presumably in just the right spot) with a hairbrush by my mother, I developed bleeding in the brain where a scar developed in the shape of the Chinese character Myo. Due to this injury as well as additional psychological trauma brought about by the CIA and Preston Scott, in early 2002 I developed an ability to hear other peoples voices talking to me in my head (i.e. telepathy) As a result the use of the headsets and speaking into the headsets to inflict both physical & psychological pain and suffering.

Warren Myers/Sue Myers, Jeff Myers, Lin Liu, Bert and Shirley Myers, Mike Golembesky, John Bruning, Jennifer Aniston, Danny DeVito, Milo the Russian, Raul Zaldivar, Javier Zaldivar. CIA Director Mike Pompeo. I’m sure there are others. As I write this Dustin Hoffman continues with his own version of psychological torment, specifically using these headsets, although he claims he “can’t stop” or “has no choice” as he sits and continues to try and get Jeff to make his “end of life decisions.” Is this all we’re waiting for???? Jeff Myers???

Since I have been here in this location (Spc 65) since August (this is when Sam McKellar and the rest were picked up and taken off the streets.) All of the people whose names I have listed (and many, many more) have shown up at Spc 64 and most of them are still here as of this writing. They continue with their own version of my psychological torment. 

The problem I see lies with the inability of the U.S. government (i.e. primarily the CIA, FBI and the White House to take any responsibility for the management of their own investigation. In other words, as is the case with the headsets and the microphones, the only action taken was to turn the headsets (and the principal offenders speaking into them) into a teaching tool for the people who were committing the offenses.

For example, if one person switches on their headset and starts speaking into it (presumably to harass or insult or question me), what happens is someone else responsible will approach the person and encourage them to either switch off the headset or else turn the volume down. They are encouraged to follow the “rules” which were set up for their use of the headsets. The only problem with this is that the headsets are only used to harass, torture, torment and abuse me psychologically. 

Nothing was ever done to take away the headsets or prevent them from being brought into Spc 64 in the first place.


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