Real Time

I’m sitting here in silence listening to see if I can hear the people talking next door. There is no one in the house with me and Savannah is out back. I listen to see if I can distinguish whose voice it is if I do hear a voice. I can recognize Jeff Myers’ voice very distinctly. Someone else sounds like a male with a heavy lisp. DHoffman sort of rumbles a little bit, but he hasn’t changed his mind yet. Mostly, he imitates me – or whatever text message/Twitter feed he’s reading off of that he thinks is me. I’m not actually saying anything verbally (out loud) that anyone in that house can hear. The times they are not preoccupied with me and whatever I’m doing, they are arguing. They are like a morass or a cesspool of misery and negativity, propped up only by their use of illicit narcotics to keep them speaking and breathing.

In the past ten minutes since I’ve been writing this blog post, I’ve sat in silence. I can still hear the people who are talking in the house next door to me. I heard Sam McKellar, but couldn’t make out what he said. Jim Comey is still over there, dealing with everyone else because they’re all still here. I heard someone else’s high pitched whine, but I couldn’t make that out either. Too indistinct. An extremely ineffective method of communication to be sure.

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