Reflection, Change and a Positive Attitude

Today is a day of reflection, change and moving forward. As always, I make a constant effort to stay positive and think positive. My attitude means everything, especially my own thoughts. Often, my inner attitude is negative and angry, even if on the outside I appear pleasant – inside I may be thinking something entirely different. I believe that my attitude is critical to my own happiness. After all, no one has a perfect life, and if I try hard enough, I can always find something to be angry about. My challenge is to have a great attitude and keep focused on the positive things in my life.

Earlier, I uploaded a few pictures of San Francisco I took a few weeks ago with my husband. We spent an afternoon on a Bay cruise and had dinner afterward on Pier 39. It was a sunny, windy afternoon and we watched a gorgeous sunset over dinner at Neptune’s Palace. The night we became engaged over six years ago, we had dinner at Neptune’s Palace and drove up to Twin Peaks afterward. That night it was foggy and windy, but I’ll always remember it as the most romantic night of my life. After all, it was the night we became engaged!

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I still have a little bit to finish up for the last chapter of my memoir, but as the saying goes: “It’s not over ’till the fat lady sings!” I keep chanting daimoku for justice, and for the success of my memoir. This month I’ve volunteered to share my experience at my monthly Buddhist discussion meeting. I only have a brief time to share my experience, but I will type up a description of what I’m writing about in my memoir so that I can share this with the other members and guests. I’m really looking forward to sharing with others, and I hope other people will be encouraged by my own experience. Never give up!

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