Restraining Order?

Earlier this morning while I was chanting, I heard a voice trying to explain that the reason why they had to follow me from a distance, and could not get any closer to me, was because a restraining order had been filed against them, prohibiting them from getting any closer to me. I remember in 2002, when I was living with my parents, and had been released from my second hospital stay. I was working part-time on the weekends at a kennel. I used to think that people were following me to the kennel where I worked, and then sitting around while I walked the dogs, talking about me, until I got off and left. I also thought for awhile that there was a restraining order against them, and that they were just violating it by following me around everywhere. I never saw them, of course. It was all in my head. I do not believe that there is a restraining order now, any more than I did then.

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