Sharing My Experience & Developing a Sense of Appreciation

Last week at my Buddhist planning meeting I volunteered to share my experience at our monthly discussion meeting coming up next week. I feel very fortunate to be able to share my experience with my Buddhist friends, as well as my family, friends and the online community. I haven’t written down what specifically I’m going to share, but I told my therapist that I would bring a draft with me to my appointment on Thursday to share with her. That way I can get her feedback. I’ll keep it brief, since after all, I’m not retelling my life story. At our planning meeting, I shared how much better I’m doing now compared to this time last year, particularly in terms of my mental health and dealing with the voices. Typically at our discussion meetings, experiences are brief, maybe five minutes or so. I just want to focus on how far I’ve come over the past year, and the role my Buddhist practice has played in my improvement. I’d also like to focus on how I’m currently challenging my own negativity and weaknesses.

I’ve recently started on chanting to have more appreciation for everything in my life. Especially for my husband. I really appreciate my husband because I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him. He truly deserves the best. Developing a sense of appreciation for everything I have in my life, especially the negative experiences that I’ve had, helps to keep me moving forward in a positive direction. I’m still working on my tendency toward negative thinking as well. I’m constantly making an effort to keep my mind focused and positive. It’s all too easy to slip into anger, negativity and bitterness.

Last week I submitted my latest guest blog post to CureTalk titled, Mental Illness: Fighting the Stigma. Please check it out. I hope that I can encourage many people to overcome their problems, whatever they may be facing, and to never give up.


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