Shine a Light On Your Dark Places!

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Three or four years ago I borrowed a book from my mom to read on the flight home from Denver. The book was Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle. I loved it. The Glass Castle is Jeannette Walls’ memoir about her childhood and growing up with an unusual set of parents. I recently bought her third book, The Silver Star, published in 2013. The Silver Star is a novel and doesn’t offer quite the same insights into the author’s personal life like her memoir. It’s still a good read, and last night I was struck by a piece of advice the mom gave the young girl “Liz” after Liz had suffered a traumatic event.

Don’t be afraid of your dark places.

If you can shine a light on them, you’ll find treasure there.

How wonderful! I thought to myself as I lay reading in bed, using my husband’s blue headlamp for extra light. What incredible advice! The mother in the story is exactly right. I stopped reading for a minute and thought about my “dark places” – the places inside me that I associate with evil and rage and injustice. I realized that these places I tend to associate with the mafia and the evil voices/people that have surrounded me for so many years. While they all appear to be external, from a Buddhist perspective, this is not the case. There is something internal, inside me – a dark place perhaps – that I need the courage to overcome. That’s why I really liked this quote, especially the second part: “If you can shine a light on them, you’ll find treasure there.”

This is really true, especially in Buddhism because we use our problems and sufferings to help us grow and to create value. While I was writing my memoir, I determined that my story would be one way for me to create value out of the horrendous situation I found myself in for so many years. By writing about my experiences, I could not only heal emotionally, but I could also be a source of hope and offer encouragement to others. I also came up with a great, new idea for a children’s publishing company that I’m really looking forward to starting, and I think this will also be a way for me to “shine a light on my dark places,” and find the treasure within.

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This is such an amazing perspective to view the darkness within our own lives. We must not be afraid to illuminate this darkness – to create happiness from suffering, joy from pain, and treasure from poison.

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