Silent In the Face of Injustice

Remaining silent in the face of injustice is the same as supporting it.

—  Daisaku Ikeda

For the past almost nine months as I’ve watched and listened to my parent’s behavior, I’ve come to the following conclusion based on the above quote:

My parents did not say one word to me over the past fifteen years about anything to do with Sam McKellar, Preston Scott, Warren Myers or Jeff Myers. Since last August, they have done nothing but harass me, yell at me from the house next door, persecute me, and try to tell me what to do. As it turns out, the only person either one of them has listened to all this time was Jeff. Unfortunately, everything he told my parents (my mom mostly) was a lie.

Instead, my parents spent the past nine months standing behind and fully supporting Warren (a terrorist and psychopath) and Jeff (a terrorist and pedophile). In addition they are intent on institutionalizing me and demonizing me according to their preconceived notions based on their own misinformed suspicions and lies.

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I believe in SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s quote. Not only did my parents remain silent in the face of injustice (at least from my perspective), they actively support it. Warren and Jeff are not merely perpetrators of injustice, they are both facing severe terrorism charges related to this ongoing nightmare. In this sense, my parents actively support terrorists, becoming terrorists themselves.

While all these years we believed terrorists were Muslims from the Middle East, as it turns out, they were in our own backyard the entire time.

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