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Spc 64 Cult


Spc 64 Cult

The term Cult usually refers to a social group defined by its religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or its common interest in a particular personality, object or goal. A cult is a social group with socially deviant or novel beliefs and practices, although this is often unclear. Sub-categories of cults include: Doomsday cults, political cults, destructive cults, racist cults, polygamist cults, and terrorist cults. The cult in Spc 64 contains elements of ALL OF THE ABOVE.

When this nightmare began for me back in 2002, I did not consider the people whom I knew to be stalking me a cult. I initially counted three people who might have been considered to have adopted cult-like behavior, but over the years the numbers of people stalking and harassing me grew. The behavior of these original three that now currently includes numerous violent offenders in Spc 64 consisted primarily of verbal abuse (i.e. the psychological torment & abuse consistent with the use of headsets, microphones, speakers) as well as the ability I had to hear their “disembodied” voices in my head, and their ability to “read my thoughts.” I consider this to be the start of their cult-like behavior.

In addition to the 24/7 stalking, psychological torment and abuse, these people also spread numerous lies, gossip and rumors about me that were never true. At the time, the reasons for their behavior were unknown to me. However, after nine years or so I realized that I myself had done absolutely nothing wrong, but for some reason this cult had decided to turn me into a scapegoat, a target and a pariah. I had no idea why.

Approximately fourteen years later, when Sam was finally picked up off the streets in August 2016, I discovered the reasons behind their behavior. It turned out that everyone I had previously trusted for my entire life and considered to be my family (“mom,” “dad,” “brothers,” “aunt,” “uncle,” “grandparent” etc…) were actually NOT who they said they were, and had utterly and completely deceived me for my entire life, for the sole purpose of “saving me for their future use.” Good Ole Grandad had drawn up some sort of legal arrangement whereby I was to be “returned to them alive and physically unharmed,” in order to be used for their human breeding program so they could repopulate the planet [after the armageddon] This was the Myers family plan for me at the End of the Era. They never made it.

What happened instead was the four of them (B.W. Myers, S.E. Myers, W.W. Myers, G.R. Myers) showed up here last August and argued about what they were going to do with me. It turns out the oldest generation fled Nazi Germany in 1955 and are descended from WWII’s Nazi War Machine initiated by Good Ole Grandad (a.k.a. the Nazi Research Scientist or Forrest Myers himself). Unfortunately, this terrorist, Nazi cult included murder and consumption of live people – something nearly everyone with the Myers name is associated with.

Quite a bit of their cult-like behavior can be attributed to these four people, although I am not certain about the specific details. The four people I lived in the same house with until I was 18 are responsible for spreading the majority of the lies, gossip and rumors about me – primarily those involving crime, drugs and prostitution (on my part). However, I am not a criminal, I don’t have a history of substance abuse or addiction of any kind, and I have never entered the world of whoring, prostitution or worked as an escort of any kind. Everyone who chose to believe the lies about me, did so of their own will and volition.

Since last August, hundreds more people have entered my life through the doors of Space 64. The behavior of the majority of these people has been identical – hence the term cult. These included family members of an ex (Zaldivar) as well as people I have mentioned briefly in previous blog posts. The behavior directed at me specifically includes both psychological and verbal abuse, torment and harassment using the same technological equipment mentioned above. These were all defined as “terrorist threats.” Somehow, these monsters managed to turn it into a game.

Over time what I noticed was that when it was time for each individual to face their “final judgement” or charges or whatever else was lined up for them, they all had the same plan: torment me as much as possible using their headsets in order to get whatever they wanted from Jim or from anyone else they thought was responsible. This is exactly what these cult members did.
















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