Staying Happy, Healthy & Positive

I’m still trying to maintain consistency and chant twice a day. I tend to get distracted or tired in the afternoons, so I haven’t always been chanting twice a day. I did chant an hour this morning, and took Savannah to the pet store to get more dog food. I met with my sister-in-law yesterday to discuss our newsletter project that we’re going to start working on for her company. I’m excited about it, and I can’t wait to get started! I still feel nervous about meeting the other people she works with, but I think the newsletter is a great idea.

John and I received a letter in the mail yesterday about our new home purchase in Sunnyvale. The letter caused us some frustration and discouragement over the home we’ve been planning on purchasing in Sunnyvale. Now we’re at the point where we’re not sure if we want to move forward with this home and this realtor, or withdraw our offer entirely, and explore our options with someone else. The entire home buying process has been pretty stressful for both of us. We’re trying to find a home that we both like and that is within our budget. I’ve been chanting for us to buy a new home too. We’re hoping to find something in Sunnyvale soon!

I’m also chanting to be healthy, happy and positive. It’s easy for me to get depressed or angry and overreact. Sometimes it seems like it’s easier to be angry and negative, than it is to be happy and positive. Staying positive is difficult, but definitely worth the effort! Life is much more enjoyable this way.


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