Staying In Gilroy

John and I both had a restless night last night. He woke up tired, but I’m feeling better than I was yesterday afternoon and last night. We’re at his parents’ house now, getting ready to bring some more boxes back from Sunnyvale. We’re thinking of adopting a small dog when we move in February. John thinks a dog would be good company during the day while he’s at work. I agree.

I heard someone tell me, You’re not allowed inside it! I ignored them. I wasn’t really sure what they were talking about, maybe the mobile home park we’re moving to in February. Who knows? John thinks I’m going to run away, but I have no intention of going anywhere. We’ll probably stay here until Tuesday, maybe Wednesday at the latest. Then we have to pack for DC because we leave on Saturday. I think we’ll have a lot of fun in DC. We’re both looking forward to the trip.

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