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I am still working on promoting my memoir. I am slowly but surely making my way around to local bookstores in the South Bay. Yesterday I donated a copy to NAMI Santa Clara and gave them a few flyers for the Gilroy Barnes & Noble book signing. I’m also hoping to organize a similar book event at the Stevens Creek Barnes & Noble in San Jose later this fall. Please feel free to download or distribute the flyer for the October 11th book event at the Gilroy Barnes & Noble.


In the meantime, I’ve been working on an idea for a children’s publishing company, SundanceKid Press. SundanceKid Press will be a multi-lingual, multi-cultural children’s press. I believe it is very important to start reading to children at an early age. I also believe that literacy is necessary to foster an educated citizenry. The U.S. is made up of people and cultures from all over the world. We are unlike any other country in this respect, and it represents our greatest challenge, but also our greatest strength. If children are taught from an early age to appreciate other cultures in addition to their own culture, then as adults they will be much less likely to discriminate against and disrespect people they view as “different.”

SundanceKid Press will publish children’s literature in two languages – English and the author’s native or chosen language. The idea behind this is to help both children and their parent(s) learn English as well as the second language. Parents who may not speak English fluently will be able to read to their children in their native language while improving their English skills at the same time. Children will learn English and their parents’ native language, or a second language.

sundancekid press, peace, compassion, children's stories, children's press, multilingual, multicultural

Speaking more than one language is a valuable skill in our shrinking world. In many other countries, children learn a second (and sometimes a third or fourth) language as part of both their elementary and secondary education. This is true for children in India, most European countries, as well as Japan and others. Understanding another language and culture other than one’s own is critical to building a more compassionate and peaceful society. I am very excited about starting SundanceKid Press!

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