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As of February 2014, I will be discontinuing my monthly newsletter due to other time commitments.

In July 2013 I started a monthly newsletter designed specifically for my readers. The newsletter includes updates and announcements about my memoir and my Kindle ebook. I also devote a section to mental health tips, advice, suggestions, and awareness in addition to whatever else might be happening in the mental health and wellness community. The newsletter has a small area for Buddhist and non-Buddhist quotes that I have found encouraging – similar to the Quote section that is currently posted on my website. You can read previous issues here.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it!


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Favorite Quotes

What then does myo signify? It is simply the mysterious nature of our life from moment to moment, which the mind cannot comprehend or words express. When we look into our own mind at any moment, we perceive neither color nor form to verify that it exists. Yet we still cannot say it does not exist, for many differing thoughts continually occur to us.

— n