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Last night I went to my therapy session in Los Altos. We had a good session. I printed out my blog from yesterday, and we went over what I had written. My therapist pointed out that I had several good coping strategies for dealing with the voices. I am looking forward to the future (our new house), I appreciate my husband, my husband is very supportive of me, I have my Buddhist group for encouragement, and I have my faith that I won’t give up on. She also mentioned that when I write down what the voices say, I give them power. She doesn’t want me to focus on what they say specifically, but rather the thoughts I have in response to what they say, and how those thoughts make me feel. I find it difficult to separate the two. If I’m ignoring the voices, and not listening to what they say, then I don’t tend to have any thoughts about them, and I am not affected.

She also talked a little more about mindfulness, and to practice really focusing on what I am doing at each moment, rather than listening to what the voices say. This works well too, although sometimes I get distracted. I find that the less I listen, and the less I pay attention to them, the better. I chanted for an hour this morning, and I’ve got to do some more packing today. This afternoon is my group therapy. I missed it last week because John and I were house hunting. We’re both happy that we found something nice.

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