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We Are Children of the Stars

grasping the true significance

Since there is no God in Buddhism, we cannot be said to be all God’s children. Instead, we are all children of the stars, of the universe. Our lives are one with the great life of the universe – what we see and what we don’t see. Much like people, stars also go through the […]

Brain Training Takes Constant Effort!

Monday night John and I went to our couples therapy session with Pete. We had a good session, although the sessions are one and a half hours compared to the previous 50 minute session I was used to for individual therapy. Still, I really feel like couples therapy is a great thing for both of […]

One Year Hospitalization Anniversary

I went to my first appointment with my new therapist today. The voices are starting to bother me again. I’m seriously considering trying a new medication, but I want to talk it over with my husband first. I have no idea why my brain does this, but I know it wasn’t always this way. I […]