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Viewing Illness As An Opportunity

I feel like I am still continuing to improve steadily, day by day. I work on being more productive during the day which includes writing, grocery shopping, cooking meals, keeping the house clean, and taking Savannah for walks. So far, so good! I’ve been getting together once a week with a few other women from […]

Never Give Up: Finding The Courage To Change

I’m preparing my memoir pitch for the writing workshop I’m attending on Saturday. I’m hoping to pitch my memoir to editors and get feedback. So far I’ve written about half of what I’d like to write. I’ve decided on a tentative title, Never Give Up: Finding the Courage to Change. My memoir is still very much […]

Working, Writing and Buddhism

The voices are becoming less and less of a presence in my life. I rarely hear anything now, and even if I do hear something, I can ignore it completely. I still think it’s remarkable considering my state of mind and my mental health a year ago at this time. What an incredible improvement! I […]

A Physics & Buddhism Article

Today my husband and I woke up earlier than we did yesterday. We ate breakfast, and went to the gym. We enjoyed ourselves playing basketball in the gym. The basketball was stuck in between the hoop and the backboard, so I used another basketball to knock it down. We finished our workout, and then went […]