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Never Give Up: Finding The Courage To Change

I’m preparing my memoir pitch for the writing workshop I’m attending on Saturday. I’m hoping to pitch my memoir to editors and get feedback. So far I’ve written about half of what I’d like to write. I’ve decided on a tentative title, Never Give Up: Finding the Courage to Change. My memoir is still very much […]

Changing Karma & Challenging Obstacles

I chanted for an hour this morning, and read an encouraging article in the World Tribune, my Buddhist newspaper that I subscribe to. Often, I chant to be able to change my karma, or to turn my karma into my mission. I was reading about the experience of a man in Baltimore who found a […]


Recently, and in the past, I have heard the voices say to me (usually when I am chanting), “You can’t change your karma!” I do not believe this. The Buddhism that I practice teaches that we can change our karma, and that we can use our experiences, both negative and positive to learn from, and to […]