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Why the Violence? Moving Toward a More Peaceful Society

Last night I watched a CNN news story about a retired sheriff who killed a man in a Florida movie theater simply for texting during the previews. The Florida Pasco County Sheriff stated to Piers Morgan, “guns don’t kill people — people with guns kill people…If we could deal with the mental health and substance abuse […]

The Transformative Power Of Our Lives

It’s been over 2 weeks since my last blog post! I realize that I haven’t been keeping up with my once daily posts. I’ve been pretty busy working with our realtor and our insurance company to get everything set up. We’re expecting to move into our house in a couple of weeks! We’re excited, and […]

The Courage To Be Happy

I went to my therapy session last night and talked to my therapist about how I had been feeling earlier in the day. She encouraged me to learn from my experiences in the past, and said that my past experiences did not necessarily make me a bad person. My husband said that I shouldn’t spend […]

The Art of Compassion & Nonviolence

I went to a Creative Writing class yesterday afternoon, and really enjoyed meeting the people there. We were able to share our writing with the other class members, and I thought that was a great experience, especially being able to hear other people’s voices reading what they wrote. I wrote about wolves, Buddhism, and the […]

Life Is A Multitude of Opportunities

I had a better day yesterday than on Saturday or Sunday. I met with my therapist last night, and we talked about my depression over the weekend. I told her how the voices affected me and made me sad. We discussed mindfulness for a little while. I had started doing research online about mindfulness, but […]