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Changing Karma

What is karma and how can we change it? Karma is not a Judeo-Christian concept. It is rooted in Indian myth, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other Eastern Philosophies. Karma includes the idea of reincarnation or past lives, a notion that is absent from Judeo-Chrisitan societies and religions. Karma is the cumulative effects or results of […]

Can I Please Sue Count Dracula?

All I need to do is convince Jim to let me do it. I was about to write a blog post on knowing the difference between good and evil, when my eye glanced at the right-hand column of my own website. The blog post I wrote two days ago on August 11, was titled “Lawsuit […]

Distinguishing Between Good and Evil

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Founding Soka Gakkai president Tsunesaburo Makiguchi left the following important words of guidance: “Unless you have the courage to be an enemy of those who are evil, you cannot be a friend to the good.”  – Living Buddhism, April 2014 p. 46 Current SGI president Daisaku Ikeda goes on to state: “It is very important […]