A Nice Weekend

We had a nice weekend, and now it’s back to work! My husband and I took the scenic route to Gilroy yesterday, and it was a very beautiful drive. We passed through golden brown rolling hills, with large expansive houses scattered here and there. We passed by Calero and Uvas Reservoirs, and stopped to take


My husband and I talked about motivation last night after he came home from work. I had only done one exercise that afternoon (instead of the usual four). I did four sets of squats with 25 reps each, and 30 on the last one. We’re getting a little older, and exercise is important to keep

My Second Chance At A Career

I’ve been doing so well, and I am really enjoying writing in my blog quite a bit. My symptoms of schizoaffective disorder (primarily the auditory hallucinations) have diminished considerably, and I am enjoying my life, and particularly my marriage quite a bit more. I am not sure exactly what caused my symptoms to decrease from


The past few days have been good days, especially in terms of my symptoms. Every time my husband asked me if I had heard any voices that day, I always was able to say “No!” It’s such a relief not to hear anything. I think I was getting to the point of acceptance, meaning that