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Writing Down Specific Goals for the New Year

I started off the morning by chanting for a little over an hour. My goal is to chant at least two hours a day. I hope to do most of my chanting first thing in the morning. That leaves me with the rest of the day to focus on writing, cleaning, and miscellaneous shopping. This […]

Christmas Shopping In Estes Park, Colorado

Today John & I drove to Estes Park with my mom & dad. We ate pizza for lunch, did some window shopping, and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park. My dad bought a few different flavors of saltwater taffy. I tried a lemon-flavored piece, and it wasn’t even sour! We also explored a Christmas store […]

Fighting The Battle For My Happiness

I also woke up to several voices who said they were angry because of the book I’m writing, and because of my Buddhist practice. They don’t think I should write a book about my life because of how it might affect the other people who were involved. They also don’t think I should make money off of […]

Writing & Working

I was waking up from a nap this afternoon. I was thinking about jobs that I’ve had in the past, and about the possibility of applying for a new job in the future. Although I think I would prefer to work on my writing, and try to make money that way, rather than working at […]