Managing Anger

I’ve been feeling angry lately. Not furious, just angry at the ‘voices’, at the people following me around, at anyone who doesn’t live up to my expectations, at how I think I’m being treated (unfairly at times) by my fellow Buddhist friends, at whoever I think is broadcasting my thoughts over the internet, and at

What Is Happiness?

Everyday I chant for John’s happiness, for my own happiness, and for our happy marriage. John often asks me whether I am happy with my own life, and with our marriage. Generally speaking, I am happy. Not all the time of course, no one is 100% happy all the time. My life didn’t turn out

Working On Myself

Last night my husband said he was disappointed in me. That made me feel sad. I don’t want him to feel disappointed in me. He was referring to the weekend we spent in L.A., and his brother’s cancer walk. We didn’t arrive at his brother’s house until 2:30am Saturday morning, so I didn’t end up