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Without Having Cried, You Cannot Genuinely Laugh

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I remember lying in bed awake in the middle of the night when I was still in elementary school. I couldn’t fall asleep, and I kept thinking to myself, Why me? Why me? This was so many years ago I don’t remember why I was thinking that particular question to myself, over and over again, but I […]

What is Your Unique Role in this Life?

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If we take the time to think about why we are here, why were we born, what is the meaning of life, or other similar thought-provoking questions, what answer(s) do we come up with? Is it based on our religion or personal beliefs? Have we yet to arrive at a satisfying or meaningful conclusion? Do […]

Our Own Unique & Irreplaceable Mission in Life

I have 20 days left of my Pubslush campaign for my upcoming memoir Never Give Up: Buddhism, Family & Schizophrenia. I haven’t raised much money so far, but there’s still time! I put quite a bit of time into creating my memoir profile on Pubslush, so even if I’m not entirely successful, I’m still proud of my […]