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Staying Happy, Healthy & Positive

I’m still trying to maintain consistency and chant twice a day. I tend to get distracted or tired in the afternoons, so I haven’t always been chanting twice a day. I did chant an hour this morning, and took Savannah to the pet store to get more dog food. I met with my sister-in-law yesterday […]

The Art of Compassion & Nonviolence

I went to a Creative Writing class yesterday afternoon, and really enjoyed meeting the people there. We were able to share our writing with the other class members, and I thought that was a great experience, especially being able to hear other people’s voices reading what they wrote. I wrote about wolves, Buddhism, and the […]

Being Affected By My Voices

The voices that I’ve been hearing tonight have really affected me. When they affect me, they affect my husband too, so I’m going to write another post. My husband keeps telling me that the voices aren’t real. I know that they aren’t real, but they seem real and this is why they affect me. I […]

Not Giving Up Despite Being Threatened

Last night while we were having fried chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner, I heard a male voice that sounded like it was coming from outside our apartment. It was fairly loud, although I know that John didn’t hear it. He said, “Just drop the book idea, and no one gets hurt!” My first thought […]


The past few days have been good days, especially in terms of my symptoms. Every time my husband asked me if I had heard any voices that day, I always was able to say “No!” It’s such a relief not to hear anything. I think I was getting to the point of acceptance, meaning that […]