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Earthly Desires Are Enlightenment

I think it was Socrates who said that having few desires is the path to happiness. The earlier [Hinayana] Buddhist teachings teach the attainment of happiness or enlightenment through the elimination of desire. Although Hinayana Buddhism teaches that earthly desires must be eliminated to attain enlightenment, Mahayana, and particularly the Lotus Sutra, teach that earthly […]

The Difference Between Knowledge & Wisdom

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I believe one of the major problems our society has in the 21st Century is the confusion of knowledge and wisdom. It seems our priority in the U.S. is the teaching or transfer of knowledge. This is how both our public and private educational institutions are designed. Teachers impart knowledge to students, but pupils do not […]

When Our Minds Change, the World Changes

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As difficult as it is for me to believe, every time I read a letter of encouragement or a piece of guidance from SGI President Ikeda, I find the following words, Whether we become happy or unhappy is not determined by other people or our environment. It is decided by our own inner determination or […]

It Is Rare to Be Born A Human Being

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This nightmare still isn’t over yet. I keeping hoping the end will come soon, but I still hear the screaming and yelling around me. I had a nice walk with Savannah this morning, but I was so upset from last night, that I think I exhausted myself. My husband and I are still not able […]

Changing Karma – A Nichiren Buddhist Perspective

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I’m still not sure what is happening with the people who are following me around everywhere I go. I’m hoping they don’t join me on my next trip to visit my family in Colorado! I’ve set a new goal to chant 3 hours each day until they are gone, although I don’t always reach this […]