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His Own Little Universe (updated)

The thing about Jeff is that he sees the world only from his perspective and no one else’s. He’s extremely self-centered and as far as I can tell, cares for no one or nothing but himself. The things that he has been saying make sense to no one but himself, and for some reason, he either […]

Avoiding Social Isolation

I had my therapy appointment yesterday, and it went really well. I talked to my therapist about my struggle with “social isolation”, and said that I really wanted to get out of the house more and interact with other people. That was partly why I went to play indoor soccer last week, for fun, but […]

Keeping Active & Controlling My Paranoia

I woke up early again this morning when John left for work. Savannah is getting the hang of her housetraining, so I’m glad! I’m feeling better than a few days ago. I think as I keep moving forward in the new year, I will feel even better. I’m still trying to chant 2 hours a […]