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My Illness Is My Motivation to Challenge My Weaknesses

My memoir is coming along, and I continue to make every effort not to think about the voices. I haven’t heard much over the past few weeks, and I’ve discovered as more time passes, the less I think about the voices and the less I listen for them, the more insignificant they become. Last week […]

Viewing Situations In A Positive Light

John and I are getting ready to move back to Sunnyvale the end of this month. We’re very excited about moving into our new home after a long, stressful process. I’m still trying to maintain consistency with my Buddhist practice. Traveling and moving often make it harder to maintain a daily routine. I think that […]

Uncertainty About What I Hear

Sometimes I think I hear a voice(s), but am unable to distinguish if it’s just in my head, or coming from someone in the apartment complex. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference. Even when the voices are just in my head, they sound very real, and often very loud. Sometimes I will hear a […]

Reality Check

Yesterday at my group therapy session we talked a little bit about what it means to do a “reality check”. We were discussing the different kinds of symptoms that we have, and how our symptoms can cause paranoia and anxiety. Our group leader encouraged us to do a “reality check” as a way of confirming […]