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Northern California

The second time I was hospitalized, I was living in Northern California with my parents. I had left the house where I was renting a room in 2002, and drove to my parents’ house because I had become paranoid, thought my life was in danger, and had also started hearing people talking to me who […]

Massachusetts General Hospital

The first time I was hospitalized was in the fall of 2000. I remember lying in my hospital bed watching Al Gore on TV helping serve Thanksgiving dinner somewhere, and I had just barely gotten to know my roommate when she was abruptly released. Prior to my hospitalization, I had been living out of a […]

Up & Running

I started posting to my new blog today. I am hoping that by sharing my experiences, thoughts, and feelings about mental illness and schizoaffective disorder, I can reach others who may be experiencing something similar. I consider my blog to be a work in progress, so any thoughts, ideas or suggestions you have are always […]