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We’re Going To Stay Right Here – Forever

We’re going to stay right here. Forever. Aren’t we? I woke up at 5am this morning. Unfortunately, the only thing I woke up to was an argument between Anna Javier and Michelle Rodriguez. I’m keeping a list of people (both men and women) who have consistently harassed and sexually harassed me during the time they […]

SundanceKid Sales!

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I just created a new sales website for both SundanceKid Online and SundanceKid Press. Please visit SundanceKid Sales to purchase my memoir “Never Give Up” directly from the publisher – me!  SUNDANCEKID SALES

SundanceKid Press

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I am still working on promoting my memoir. I am slowly but surely making my way around to local bookstores in the South Bay. Yesterday I donated a copy to NAMI Santa Clara and gave them a few flyers for the Gilroy Barnes & Noble book signing. I’m also hoping to organize a similar book […]