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  Courage, strength and wisdom well up in those who consciously take on everything as the protagonist and person responsible for achieving their goals. Unlimited wisdom and ardent resolve arise from a sense of responsibility. – Words of Wisdom by Daisaku Ikeda

Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Enables Us To Live the Most Meaningful Lives

I remember last August when my parents flew out here to deal with Warren. Warren showed up first in the house next door with a huge narcotics deal that sat there for awhile. The heroin ended up being laced with tetracycline. The heroin was from Cali and it was laced in Mexico. Warren never said […]

The Difference Between Knowledge & Wisdom

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I believe one of the major problems our society has in the 21st Century is the confusion of knowledge and wisdom. It seems our priority in the U.S. is the teaching or transfer of knowledge. This is how both our public and private educational institutions are designed. Teachers impart knowledge to students, but pupils do not […]

Fighting the Good Fight

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I’ve been somewhat at a loss for “words” lately and haven’t been motivated to post to this blog. I stated that I would announce on this blog the day S & the few remaining monstrous crazy people leave. As of this writing, they are all still here.  I’ve developed a fairly consistent daily routine that […]

World Peace – The Democratic Path of Dialogue

In Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, kosen-rufu or world peace “includes the struggle to transform the realm of the environment…using the democratic path of dialogue.” Dialogue and communicating with other people is important. I’ve realized this tremendously over the past few years after realizing that most people don’t have the ability to read my mind, and extended […]