The Deadline Spc 64 – Cult

It’s 6am on Friday morning, and so far we are still meeting with resistance from a few people who seem to think I am living off of my “free U.S. government entitlement subsidy,” or whatever they call the money they think they should give to poor people or people with “disabilities.” 

I get a Social Security Disability Income check for about $800 a month and I have ever since I applied in 2011. They approved it because of the schizophrenia diagnosis I’ve had since I was 32. Now Mueller & his conservative political “friends” are complaining. I also found a Twitter profile following me a few days ago with Mueller’s picture on it under the name Possum Whisperer only it’s called @JustToSpiteYou. I also found a Twitter profile for Mueller that looks like it might actually be his.

I have no idea whether Hillary Clinton ever came clean or not, but they’re both facing Donald Trump’s wrath first thing in the morning. I already notified as many news organizations as possible via Twitter. The only thing I really know about Mueller is that he was FBI Director for 10 years from 2002-2012 or so just before September 11th. So he had to have done something wrong. Right?

Every time I find out this nightmare isn’t ending and the “deadline” gets extended another few days or week or so, I sit around and wonder to myself, “What on Earth are these people going to do for the next two or three or four days??? What could they possibly have to do locked up together in a manufactured house that is smaller than mine? Mine is about 1500 sq ft, and they’re next door, which means they have anywhere from 20-30 people or more trapped inside an approximately 1000-1200 sq ft living space. What gives? What else could they possibly have left to do?? 

I personally am also in the middle of a divorce (never mind the fact that the ex and his entire terrorist family are ALSO locked in Spc 64, IN ADDITION to my own relatives who are a family of Nazi Cannibals constantly plotting my murder. I am ALSO attempting to sell the house I am currently living in. All of which makes their presence next door infuriating, to say the least. 

Who is going to buy a house with evil terrorists living next door? 

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