The Great American Panda Tour

Quite a few months ago, I figured out there was a “spy cam” hidden somewhere in my giant stuffed panda I used as a character in my children’s book, The Pillow Thief. I threw it in the closet one afternoon in anger and left it there for awhile before I put it back on my dresser because I thought someone might have needed it for their “video monitoring” purposes in Spc 64.

Over the past few weeks, the terrorizing, harassment and sexual harassment lessened, grew worse and changed in various ways as the time draws near for us to leave this nightmare in the past and go our separate ways. I was relaxing in bed yesterday afternoon, “listening” to the people in Spc 64 argue about the video monitor they have in the back room of that house. My bedroom is also located in the back room of my house, so in terms of proximity, we are separated by the walls of each other’s houses and the 5-10 yards distance of the carport.

People were talking about whether or not they were “supposed” to be watching the video monitor feed that continuously displays the video from the spy cam in my giant panda. In other words, the video feed from my panda in my bedroom, in my house is continuously displayed in the back room of the house in Spc 64, in addition to whomever is able to hack into the video feed, and to whomever pays Mike enough to get access. This is the view from the panda that is displayed on their video monitor in Spc 64.


Here is the view of where the panda usually sits on my dresser.


So, this amounts to several different problems. I never granted anyone permission or access (nor was I ever actually asked) to install spy cams in my house. The spy cams are a violation of civil rights, personal privacy rights, human rights as well as federal law. Their use in Spc 64 amounts to terrorism, harassment, and sexual harassment. This is not the only spy cam in my house. There are many others and the majority of the people in Spc 64 use them SOLELY for these purposes: harassment, sexual harassment, and terrorism.

I decided to take these pictures in order to expose these “people” for who and what they truly are: neo-Nazi’s, white supremacists, misogynists, and incestuous perverts. They are ALL filthy, vile and disgusting people whom I hope to never encounter in person. Their sickening and perverted sexual harassment is deranged and the following photos show additional examples of the ways in which the spy cams and the headsets have been and are still being used.

There is another spy cam somewhere on this blue blanket.

There are more spy cams in my bathroom. What they typically do is harass me in different ways by commenting on what I am doing in the bathroom (i.e. using the toilet, brushing my hair/teeth, etc…).

Here is the panda looking into the shower. While I don’t think there is a spy cam actually in the shower, what typically happens is that people do the same thing, comment on whatever they think I’m doing in the shower, offer suggestions, harass me, insult me, or make rude, filthy and disgusting remarks.

Here the panda is sitting in my laundry room. There may or may not be spy cams in the laundry room. However, I have noticed that people still feel free to harass me while I’m in the laundry room, in a similar fashion as they harass and terrorize me everywhere else I am in my own house.

This is the view from another spy cam in my living room that is used for their video monitoring feed in Spc 64 (although it is not inside the panda, rather it is somewhere on my floor lamp).

This morning I finally decided to put the panda “on time out.” I left him in front of my bookcase and thought maybe the people in Spc 64 would learn something. I’m sure I’m out of luck. Oh, by the way, my dog Savannah was the one who pointed out all the spy cams for me.


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