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Over the past few years, especially since my husband and I moved back to Sunnyvale from Gilroy, there have been many, many hundreds (if not thousands) of people who have not only been adversely affected by this situation, but who have also contributed their time or made an effort to help bring an end to this horrible nightmare. Obviously I cannot name or list these people, but, generally speaking, I am referring to the people who either work at or frequent the same places that I do. 

Many of the employees at the Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control Plant on Borregas Avenue became involved (through no choice of their own) due to the fact that I walk my dog along the plant’s surrounding trails almost every day of the week. The retail stores in the Santa Clara County that I visit regularly have had to develop a system for managing the drug addicts and drug dealers that follow me everywhere, as well as the screaming and yelling from S out in the parking lot. Their group presents a public threat as well as a public nuisance to anyone and everyone who happens to be in the vicinity. Nevermind the constant drug abuse and drug dealing they are always a part of. The largest burden has fallen on the stores I frequent the most often: Safeway, 24 Hour Fitness, Target, and PetSmart, but also includes all the coffee shops, veterinary clinics, bookstores, and every other store or shop I have ever been to over the past 7-8 years. Kaiser Permanente (particularly in Santa Clara) has also been forced to deal with this disaster, as this is where I go for doctor’s visits and medications. The effects of this U.S. government-led nightmare are truly incomprehensible. I believe the American public deserves an explanation – the truth. 

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Nevermind the insidious effects this situation has had on my own life over the past 13+ years. How I’ve managed to deal with their constant harassment, their threats, their insane behavior and having to constantly hear their sickening voices in my head, I’m sure I’ll never know. Must be my Buddhist chanting. Over the years, my husband, my therapists and I worked on developing a variety of methods to distract myself from their voices. For some reason, one or two of them are always babbling. Especially S. He babbles on and on, or screams and yells at no one in particular. No one is listening or paying attention. Yet they all babble on mindlessly. I hear their voices virtually all the time, unless I’m asleep. Even when I wake up in the middle of the night, they wake up too and start babbling away. Truly insane. I will be so happy when they are all gone. What a relief it will be. 

I never did discover what it was that allowed me to hear their voices (and only their voices) in my head. I always knew the voices I could hear in my head were the voices of real people. People somewhere nearby. I was just never able to convince anyone else. Eventually I realized that other people could also hear them, but only when they were yelling or speaking loud enough and were close enough to be heard by the human ear. I think my brain must be picking up their voices on a different wavelength. A wavelength that no one else can hear – kind of like dogs. Dogs can hear the high-pitched dog whistles that humans can’t hear because they can’t hear on that frequency. Maybe it is similar. 

Why this happened, why I only hear their voices in my head and no one else’s I am not entirely sure. I know there must be a reason. Something like this wouldn’t have happened without a reason. I’ve left it up to my faith. 

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