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This Is the Truth

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With this initial video podcast, I will briefly explain from my perspective, the reality as I see it. In an attempt to dispel the lies, gossip, rumors, or whatever other misinformation may be out there, I will share my own experience.

As I am currently revising my memoir manuscript and getting it ready for publication, I will not go into great detail here. This is the purpose of my memoir, titled “Never Give Up: Buddhism, Family and Schizophrenia.” My experience with the mafia and the other stalkers began in 2002. I have described the beginnings when I lived in Southern California from 2001 until March 2002 in my Kindle ebook, “The Voices Never Stopped.” This is available on Amazon for $1.99. This ebook ends when I leave for Northern California in March/April of 2002, and the remainder of my experience (up until the present) is described in my memoir. I am hoping to publish my memoir later this year.

In “The Voices Never Stopped,” I describe the appearance of the mafia in my life, as well as my roommates and coworkers who start to stalk and harass me – including the exact point in time I started to hear their voices in my head. There was never a time when I did not know who the voices belonged to. When I moved back in with my parents in the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw several different psychiatrists, all of whom diagnosed me with schizophrenia. Although I knew who the people were that stalked and harassed me continuously, they hid from me on purpose, and never made any attempt at communication (phone calls, emails, letters, in person…). For this reason, I was never able to prove to anyone, psychiatrist or family member, that the voices I heard in my head, and the people who were stalking me were real. I assumed that the mafia and my former roommate and her boyfriend did this intentionally.

This continued for several years, until around 2010 when the mafia, along with my former roommate and her boyfriend, started shouting verbal threats directed at myself, my husband and my immediate family. These threats were death threats, bomb threats, and intimidation. Since that time, the spring and fall of 2010, I made numerous attempts to contact a variety of law enforcement agencies, with absolutely no response whatsoever, even to this day.

In the spring of 2010, I started with the Sunnyvale Police Department, describing the situation in general with the mafia and the death threats – nothing. Next I emailed and called the San Francisco FBI office, giving them the same information – I received no response other than that they did not deal with issues involving “harassment.” In 2011, I presumed that finally, some type of law enforcement agency or government office had become involved, although I was never contacted in any way.

Over the next few years, in 2012 and 2013, I contacted the CIA as well as the White House, again explaining the situation and its lack of resolution. I received no reply. The mafia and a few others were (and still are) stalking and harassing me constantly. At some point during this time, I concluded that whoever was conducting this investigation (perhaps a specially appointed Congressional committee or maybe the CIA) had directed my husband and my family, as well as the general public (including all media outlets) to maintain the notion that there really are no people stalking me, screaming at me in public places and following me around everywhere I go. Everyone is to maintain that I really do have schizophrenia and that my experiences are merely symptoms of this mental illness.

Initially I believed that this sort of cover-up was necessary for my own protection and for my family’s protection. I no longer believe this, and I am firmly convinced that the continued perpetration of this disastrous lie is solely due to an abhorrent, cowardly fear of a lawsuit that I would certainly have substantial grounds to file if I had the information about who is involved in this absurdly preposterous attempt at a cover-up.

The reason I say “attempt” at a cover-up is because many, many thousands of people, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area are aware of what is going on, and of the fact that there is such an incredibly, miserable attempt at a cover-up going on. Trust me – no one is fooled by my fake schizophrenia diagnosis – least of all me. And of course, it’s impossible to cover-up something everyone already knows.

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