The Transformative Power Of Our Lives

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It’s been over 2 weeks since my last blog post! I realize that I haven’t been keeping up with my once daily posts. I’ve been pretty busy working with our realtor and our insurance company to get everything set up. We’re expecting to move into our house in a couple of weeks! We’re excited, and looking forward to getting unpacked and settled in to our new home. It’s spacious, sunny, and even has a fireplace for those cold winter evenings at home. I can’t wait!

I’m continuing to improve in my ability to successfully manage my illness. I continue to keep my thoughts focused on the positive rather than the negative. I continually make the effort to reign in my tendency to think about things (people, politics, religion) that make me angry. A lot of the news that I read daily on the internet makes me angry, so I try not to dwell on it too much.

My birthday was this past Friday, February 17th. My husband and I spent a wonderful, relaxing evening at the Fairmont in San Jose. It was a great way to celebrate both our birthdays this month! My Daily Encouragement book by SGI President Ikeda has a great quote for February 17th. It reads: “Life contains the capacity, like flames that reach toward heaven, to transform suffering and pain into the energy needed for value-creation, into light that illuminates darkness. Like the wind traversing vast spaces unhindered, life has the power to uproot and overturn all obstacles and difficulties. Like clear flowing water, it can wash away all stains and impurities. And finally, life, like the great earth that sustains vegetation, impartially protects all people with its compassionate, nurturing force.”

I love this way of thinking about life. It’s so beautiful, encouraging and powerful. I don’t think that most people think about their own lives in this way, but it’s very true! Our lives do have the ability to transform and heal, so that we are constantly growing, loving, and moving forward. It’s not easy, and for me, it doesn’t come naturally, but I know that my life has the ability to continually transform what I perceive to be negative into something positive. I just have to keep working at it!

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