The U.S. Is A Failed, Miserable, State

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

If I was trapped inside a house that I repeatedly refused to leave on any one of a number of occasions and then was told that I was going to be exterminated like a rat in a cage, you know what I’d do? I’d say, “Fuck you, go fuck yourself, and then go fuck off after that.” Then I’d go to sleep and be done with it.

It’s been almost exactly one year since they picked Sam McKellar up off the streets last August. A few days later, the ex moved into the house next door (Spc 64) with a trashy prostitute and his brother. The DEA showed up after that, with Kim and Warren Myers waiting for someone else to claim the narcotics. The heroin came from Cali but was laced with tetracycline in Mexico. A few people may have been warned before it hit the streets.

“The parents” showed up around this time. Jeff Myers and Lin Liu were here with Shirley and Bert Myers since August. A month or so passed and the house was vacated. Movie stars from Hollywood showed up. Some came, some went. “Mike” said he was Department of Defense and said he was the only one collecting intel. He made them “promise” not to come back. One week later, Aida Zaldivar planned her own narcotics shipment for pick-up directly at Spc 64. That Saturday morning, Raul Zaldivar, Jerry Zaldivar, Jennifer Aniston, Warren Myers, and Sue Myers returned for the second drug bust, perhaps the FBI.

“The parents” and Lin Liu came back separately, but Jeff Myers flew in on a private jet with Joe Biden. A polaroid with a picture of him just barely sucking Biden’s cock flew out of his back pocket one night while he was giving himself an aneurism sitting in a wheelchair on the sidewalk in front of a police car out on Tasman. He said he did it “because he wanted to…” The Vice-Presidential Executive Order allowing for the upgrade of the U.S. nuclear arsenal signed by Biden was Jeff Myers’ idea. A VP Presidential Executive Order doesn’t exist within the executive branch of the U.S. federal government, nor in either the legislative or the judicial branches of the federal government. There is an Executive Order that can only be signed by the president of the country.

People came and went. Jerry Zaldivar babbled incessantly into the headsets they’ve all been using and continue to use to this day, for the sole purpose of harassing me, tormenting me, abusing me, and persecuting in every conceivable way imaginable. Jerry Zaldivar continue in this manner for approximately one month. He murder a girl and said it was because he thought she looked like me. Five months later MAGGOTS started crawling out of the walls in one of the bedrooms of the house next door. There was a dead body someone had placed inside the walls of the house that the maggots were feeding on.

The debates and the election came in October and November. Trump showed up at the house next door and no one could figure out where Milo came from. Then Putin showed up. The Russian connection was firmly established. The four family members previous associated with me plotted my kidnapping on Thanksgiving. The next day I get an email from Shirley Myers “wishing” I could have joined them for Thanksgiving Dinner at their old house in Fort Collins, Colorado. They never bothered to tell me they were all in Sunnyvale – at least not to my face. Mostly they yelled at me, harassed me, and plotted various ways to carry out my untimely demise.

A girl I was friends with in high school became a monstrosity on a small island in Hawaii. Christmas was uneventful and nothing happened on New Year’s.

No one ever did anything about the headsets in spite of their constant abuse and my insistent complaining.

This morning I decided I was fed up with their “clandestine” investigation and publicly posted the address to the Terrorist House next door on Twitter. Here it is again for future reference. It’s right down the street from Levi Stadium where the 49ers play in Santa Clara, California.

Adobe Wells Mobile Home Park

1220 Tasman Dr Spc 64

Sunnyvale, CA 94089


I don’t have a contact number so I guess you’re on your own.

In January, Jim the FBI Director showed up with the rest: various people in assorted positions playing different roles in order to confuse those who thought they knew them best. The CIA Director John Brennan sat in a chair in the living room with his poker-playing rodeo cowboy whipping boy Jeff Myers. His ex-wife said “He was never much of a father.”

Go get high. Go get high. Go get high. That’s the answer isn’t it? Go get high.

I stopped writing my blog post briefly because I was disrupted by the evil Nazi next door. Then I realized that when I imagined an African man, the evil Nazi basically just shit himself and that was about it.

I pulled up a few more images on Google of “african male” and sat staring at different images of both African men and African-American men. It seems to me that the majority of the evil Nazi’s and terrorists next door are racist and fear black people.

These are the terrorists in our own backyard. Never where we presumed them to be. A Pakistani man, a white lawyer from Virginia, and a couple of weirdos who fought over narcotics and money. The Poltergeist reigned over them all.

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