The Use of “Voodoo” or Black Magic in Spc 64

While the residents of Spc 64 seemed to have agreed on a December 25th deadline to leave the house, they don’t seem to have agreed on a decision to leave me alone. They have yet to remove or discontinue use of the headsets, associated with my psychological torment and abuse, and continue to use a video connection (typically a smart device such as an iPad) in an attempt to manipulate me and control my emotions.

“Nasty Ass” Aniston had a “voodoo” doll with her at some point this past year, but the majority of offenders in Spc 64 use a video connection and the same concept applies. Although the use of the term “Voodoo” implies that the practice has links to either the religion of Haitian Vodou or Louisiana Voodoo, in reality it does not have a prominent place in either.[1] 

The form of the voodoo doll as it is most commonly understood is based on a magical practice that historically derived from Europe rather than Africa or the Americas.[2] Textual records attest to the fact that certain cunning folk in Britain made dolls of a witch out of rags and other materials and then pierced them with pins with the intention of inflicting physical harm on the witch and breaking their bewitchment.[3]

While the residents of Spc 64 are obviously incapable of piercing an iPad with pins, they have used numerous other objects in place of an actual doll. The use the video camera to create the connection with me (in the house next door). I have no idea how this works, but it does. With the video connection established, meaning they have hacked into the spy camera feeds located in this house in order to view me on their iPad, iPhone, smart device, etc., they then proceed to carry out whatever destructive activity they had in mind.

Sue uses an actual doll that she punches and strangles in an attempt to suffocate me, make it difficult for me to breath, or in an attempt to get me to choke on whatever it is I happen to be eating at the time. Another girl, Desiree Michelle, walks around with the iPad in the early morning hours when I’m asleep. What happens, is that I am able to “see” wherever/whomever she directs the iPad at in Spc 64 as if in a dream. Angela Merkel has used this device in an attempt to evoke or predict my reaction at some unforeseen occurrence (i.e. an extended deadline). They have also used guns, acupuncture needles and knives with the video connection, although these have no real effect on me other than light pressure. The guns, knives and needles are directed at other individuals in Spc 64, but the video camera creates the connection, similar to a “voodoo” doll.

Earlier this am, Evil Terrorist #3 Jeff Myers sat on an iPad they ended up just passing around the room (since few people are capable or willing to take responsibility for much of anything over there) in order to create IN ME a sense of waiting or urgency. Mueller has done the same thing. They use the video connection to see what kind of a reaction they will get from me in this house, usually a reaction that’s directed at or confused with James Comey.

In other words, they use the video connection in order to provoke me, evoke a desired response (i.e. anger, frustration, rage, etc…), inflict harm or injury, or interfere in my life in some other way. This is extremely destructive, cult-like behavior and all those who participated should be held responsible.

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