“The Voices Never Stopped” Kindle Edition Is Available on Amazon!

Finally! I’ve published my Kindle “mini” ebook, The Voices Never Stopped on Amazon. Please feel free to download the Kindle ebook for $1.99 or preview a sample chapter for free. Kindle has a free app available to use on other devices if you don’t have a Kindle reader. The Voices Never Stopped is an introduction to my full-length memoir Never Give Up: Buddhism, Family & Schizoaffective Disorder that I plan to finish over the next six months. This four-chapter ebook covers my introduction to Buddhism as a 17 year-old high school student, my experience with depression in college, and the early beginnings of the delusion, fear and paranoia that ultimately led to a diagnosis of schizophrenia in my early 30’s. The complete memoir tells the story of how I gained the courage to challenge my personal weaknesses and fight for justice against the ultimate evil in my life – the mafia disguised as symptoms of schizophrenia.

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Nearly two years ago in August 2011, I created this blog to chronicle my daily experiences dealing with the symptoms of the mental illness I had been diagnosed with in 2002 – schizoaffective disorder. This diagnosis was based on the symptoms I described to psychiatrists: hearing disembodied voices (auditory hallucinations), paranoia, believing that I was being persecuted by the mafia, and followed around from one place to another. While never entirely convinced that the symptoms I experienced – frequently on a daily basis – were symptoms of a mental illness, I maintained in my daily writings that the “voices” I heard were not real.

 “The Voices Never Stopped” describes the circumstances during the time I first started to hear “voices” in my head. In reality, I never believed that the “voices” were merely symptoms of schizophrenia. Instead, I believed (and still believe) that a form of communication which has never been scientifically proven – telepathy – was what allowed me to hear the “voices” of my enemies in my head, and which also allowed my enemies to “hear” my thoughts. These extraordinary and utterly bizarre set of circumstances, combined with the demented insanity of the mafia and everyone else involved created a horrific set of circumstances for me, my husband and my immediate family. Ultimately, the situation devolved into chaos for the people and the surrounding communities who were forced to become involved. It is my desire that my completed memoir will be a source of hope, inspiration and encouragement for all women, and that it will bring a small measure of truth to a nightmare filled with lies.

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