I had my therapy appointment yesterday. We talked mostly about the Thought Record. I told my therapist that sometimes, the voices that I hear are saying something in response to what I am thinking about at the time. She said that was an important point, and she was glad that I had brought that up. It can seem as if I am having a conversation with someone in my head. I’m thinking about something, a voice will respond to my thought, and if I respond in turn to that voice, it turns into a conversation, or in some cases, an argument. I told her I had been focusing on not responding to what I hear, and not letting what the voices say affect me. This worked pretty well for most of the day yesterday.

Last night, John and I met with my Kaiser therapist. We discussed our upcoming move, and the stress it might cause. She asked me how my volunteer work was going, so I told her what had happened last week. She encouraged me to continue volunteering, but maybe doing some other kind of work. She said it was important not to isolate myself. My husband agrees. I woke up and chanted for half an hour this morning. They told me only to chant for an hour a day. Kind of like yesterday. They also said that they were going to get me out of the apartment complex, and that nobody wants me here. They said the same thing about living in Gilroy. John suggested that when we move in February, we go around and introduce ourselves to our neighbors. I think that’s a great idea. They also have organized social activities at the mobile home park where we’ll be living, so there will be an opportunity for us to get out, be social, and get to know our neighbors.

I’m still packing. I found some old pictures from high school and college that made me laugh. It’s funny to see how we looked back then. They bring back good memories.

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