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I had almost finished chanting for an hour this evening when I overheard [from the house next door] Jeff Myers telling someone (presumably my parents), “It looks like they (me & Jim Comey) still plan on marrying…I urge you not to give up the fight.” What I realized when he said this is that the entire four additional members of my biological family (two siblings, two parents) see this whole ongoing nightmare as some sort of battle [against me] in the sense that to “defeat” me, I must continue to be silenced. This gives me the impression that these four people will only be content as long as I am impoverished, miserable and SILENT.

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These same four people whom I publicly disowned last August are strangers whom I do not know. They are unfamiliar to me, yet persist daily in my targeted stalking and harassment. Their attitude toward me stems primarily from abusive childhood experiences as well as extreme substance abuse issues and mental health problems. Their behavior is extremely disturbing and extraordinarily bizarre in terms of both familial and interpersonal relationships.

My mom operates under the persistent delusion that I am her property, I am mentally ill and unable to take care of myself. She has been abusing various opiod substances for decades. My second oldest sibling maintains the belief that I am personally responsible for destroying his life and that I should be charged with prostitution. My dad is mute and the other sibling is a psychopath as a result of child abuse.

What are they fighting for? To make sure I don’t about write or speak publicly about anything that has happened over the past fifteen years that they conveniently never mentioned to me.

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