Until They Leave

It’s 7:45am. I woke up to hear J Myers asking (remember all these people are still in the house next door) if there is an address where he can be written in Vietnam where he’s going to stand trial. The only thought I had was who on earth would write to him in Vietnam? My mom? Of course D Hoffman immediately started to chime in with his usually mumbling, mocking and repetition of whatever I might be thinking. I decided that if they are going to continue with their behavior, I will continue writing about their behavior until they leave. The only question is when are they leaving?

responsibility, taking responsibility, blame, buddhism, happiness, behavior

J Myers and D Hoffman both refuse to turn the volume down on their headsets. I think what happened last night is they either threatened to muzzle them or else actually did muzzle them (at least Jeff anyway) for a period of time. I figure they might have taken the things around their necks off to go to sleep last night. My next thought was “muzzle them!” Apparently it was determined the only way to silence them was to treat them like the animals they really are. The truth is, animals behave better than these people. They can hardly be called human.

Then what happens is one of the federal agents has to take them aside like a small child and ask them yet again why they are repeating the same behavior. At this point, J Myers will start arguing. D Hoffman will try to weasel his way out of it, typically by lying.

So, J Myers as approached D Hoffman again after being lectured to (presumably). Usually he will just negotiate something similar and the same thing starts all over again. D Hoffman is still babbling into his headset waiting to hear from J Myers.


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