Viewing Situations In A Positive Light

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John and I are getting ready to move back to Sunnyvale the end of this month. We’re very excited about moving into our new home after a long, stressful process. I’m still trying to maintain consistency with my Buddhist practice. Traveling and moving often make it harder to maintain a daily routine. I think that once we move into our home and get settled in, we’ll be able to re-establish our routine, and continue moving forward with our lives. Hooray!

The January 27th daily encouragement quote from my book For Today and Tomorrow SGI President by Daisaku Ikeda reads:

Viewing events and situations in a positive light is important. The strength, wisdom and cheerfulness that accompany such an attitude lead to happiness. To regard everything in a positive light or with a spirit of goodwill, however, does not mean being foolishly gullible and allowing people to take advantage of our good nature. It means having the wisdom and perception to actually move things in a positive direction by seeing things in their best light, while all the time keeping our eyes firmly focused on reality.

This quote is perfect for me. I can apply this to almost any situation that I perceive to be negative, especially the times I have had incredible difficulty dealing with the voices and trying to make sense of my schizoaffective disorder. Viewing seemingly bad situations or negative experiences in a positive light is not as easy as it sounds. It takes effort, strength, courage, and determination to remain positive in difficult times. This is what I strive for on a daily, and even a moment-to-moment basis. I chant to bring out my Buddha nature, so that I can move my life in a positive direction.


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