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I am still waiting for the evil people to be taken away, for the indictments to be handed down, and for all of them to finally be hauled off to where ever they are going. Hopefully somewhere far away from me. They’re exhausting, and hearing their constant babbling everywhere I go is disgusting. The fact that they are all still here is also sickening. I believe that the level of corruption, in addition to the unbelievable incompetence on the part of both the U.S. government and the state/county/local governments involved is absolutely unforgivable. How sad. Unfortunately, both the U.S. and the California state governments are pervaded with sheer cowardice and rampant corruption. It’s almost as if the authorities involved don’t want this to be taken care of. How bizarre.


I am perfectly willing to make myself available for interviews (radio, television, or other), although as of this writing no one has contacted me. Please feel free to contact me at jennifer@sundancekidonline or my cell (408) 823-7774. I don’t have a landline or any other telephone number that I can be reached at. Perhaps my own publicity efforts would help speed this matter along?


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