Washington, DC

John and I have been in DC now for 3 days, and we’re really enjoying our visit! We’re staying with my brother and his family for the week. We went to the 49ers/Redskins game on Sunday, walked through Dupont Circle to the White House and back on Monday, and today we toured the White House and visited the National Archives. John says that being a tourist is very tiring! We’ve taken a lot of pictures too. Tomorrow we’re going to try to watch an oral argument at the Supreme Court. Then maybe we’ll see the Air and Space Museum and a few memorials. We’re having excellent weather as well. I packed mostly jeans and sweaters, when we could probably get by with shorts and t-shirts!

I haven’t been hearing any voices since we’ve been here, except for today. We picked my nephew up from school and came back to my brother’s house. I was looking at pictures on my phone, and I heard someone say Just wait until you get back! I told John that I just ignored what I had heard. Sometimes I hear voices, and they seem like random threats or comments that come out of nowhere. My therapist told me not to try to make sense of what they say because that is a way of giving them power. So, I try not to do that. I find I’m much better off if I don’t think about the voices, or about what I’ve heard in the past. Then I seem to find it easier to live in the moment, rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

We’re having a good time here. We’ve only got 3 more days to go, and then we fly back on Saturday. I wish we had more time, but maybe someday we can come back. I’ve always liked DC!

First Division Memorial

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