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We’re Going To Stay Right Here – Forever


We’re Going To Stay Right Here – Forever

We’re going to stay right here. Forever. Aren’t we? I woke up at 5am this morning. Unfortunately, the only thing I woke up to was an argument between Anna Javier and Michelle Rodriguez. I’m keeping a list of people (both men and women) who have consistently harassed and sexually harassed me during the time they have been at Spc 64. So far I have:

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

  • J. Aniston
  • A. McCabe
  • B. Hussein
  • O. Bin Laden
  • B. Sanders
  • S. McKellar
  • A. Johnson
  • J. Garcia
  • M. Golembeski (hacker)
  • J. Bruning
  • A. Javier

Are these the people who are preventing us from leaving Spc 64, Spc 65 and preventing the entire rest of the world from putting this in the past and moving on with their lives? Yes


Are these the ones who did this to us in the first place? Yes


What this means for these people and whoever else’s name that might have been added by James B. Comey are presently and in the future are listed as a “no contact restraining order.” This means that there is no contact of any kind everNo communication: no speaking to me (no verbal communication), no email, no phone calls, no nothing – ever.

This is permanent for the rest of my life.


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