What’s Wrong with this Picture?

“The voice does the Buddha’s work.” – On Practicing the Buddha’s Teachings

“When a lion roars all the other beasts are silenced.” – The One-Eyed Turtle and the Floating Log

Kosen-rufu is a struggle of words. It was so in Nichiren Daishonin’s time; it is so today and will remain so into the eternal future. That’s why our voices are important; they are our weapon, our ammunition. If we keep proclaiming the truth, our words are certain to touch the hearts of those to whom we talk. If we continue to speak out for justice, we will be able to defeat wrongdoing and injustice. An earnest voice, an impassioned voice will reach and move people’s hearts.

SGI President Ikeda Mar 2014 Living Buddhism

Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism does not teach passivity. We are not taught to sit idly by and ignore the wrongs and injustices in our society. Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism teaches the exact opposite. We must stand up and speak out for what is right, and not allow those with malicious intent to take advantage or deceive us.

Today is March 17, 2014. The man who continues to stalk, harass, scream and yell at me (I will call him Loach) is still around my mobile home park. He screams, “We’re tired of doing this!” or “We’re not giving up on this!” and other nonsensical, meaningless statements at the top of his lungs. I have no idea what is real name is, if I did, I would have filed either a lawsuit or at the very least a restraining order (with miles and miles of distance between us) years ago. As it stands currently, the people with this information refuse to share it with me and, as far as I can tell, have directed everyone else to do the same.

Is there something wrong with this situation? Why would anyone with legitimate information about this person (Loach) willfully keep it from me? According to my calculations, Loach has been in my life since late 2009 or early 2010, and has always exhibited this type of deranged behavior. For those who are not familiar with this situation, he is usually accompanied by a few other women (I’m assuming drug addicts, whores, prostitutes) and generally another male. I know this because I can hear them.

Since this small group of people follow me everywhere I go (Safeway, Target, Pet Smart, 24 Hour Fitness, etc…) and tend to harass the employees of these stores, as well as scream and yell from the parking lot, many other people are aware of this situation. Lawsuits have already been filed, although I was excluded from participating. Apparently, every major retail outlet in the San Jose area filed suit against either Loach himself, or the people who were/are in charge of the investigation and/or trial. As my in-laws live in Gilroy and I often visit them with my husband, the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill were affected and also filed suit. To no avail.

I ask this question again, isn’t there something wrong with this situation? Why would the people investigating Loach, his affiliation with the Mafia, Preston Scott, and who ever else is involved, purposefully exclude me from their investigation and refuse to give me any information that would actually help me rid my life of these degenerate people? The people in charge obviously haven’t accomplished anything since they began their “work” because Loach is still here. Over the years I have speculated on this and come up with only a few plausible reasons, all of which are invalid. They amount to no more than excuses or lies or both.

(1) I was not included in this investigation for my own safety. The threat of Loach, the Mafia, etc… was too great; I might be killed, my husband might be killed, or someone else in my family would be put in danger.

This is not a valid reason because I and my family lived with the constant presence of Loach and the Mafia for several years before anyone appeared to look into this matter. If the Mafia had wanted me dead, they had many, many years to kill me (since 2002). This also holds true for my husband and for my family. For all the efforts of the CIA and/or other government people that were sent to take care of this and ostensibly protect me, the Mafia [who appeared in Sunnyvale due to this trial over the past year or so], made numerous attempts to murder me anyway. I managed to avoid their attempts with the help of my dog, my Buddhist practice, and my own wits. The reason I am alive today is NOT due in any way to the protection of a cowardly group of government employees who lie repeatedly and attempt to bury the truth. As “classified” as this matter is, the designation appears to be nothing more than a miserable attempt to hide the incompetence and corruption of the CIA official(s) involved (who I believe attempted to assassinate me last week, and may still be trying to do so).

(2) ???

I can’t think of any other reason for keeping this information from me. As I have speculated in a previous blog post, I would be willing to bet that it is solely due to their fear of being sued.

Here are my current beliefs on the matter: The previous CIA team told to come out here and investigate the matter accomplished NOTHING. Whether or not they were working together with the FBI I do not know, but I would guess that they were not. Yet, another unanswered question, since the work of the FBI does specifically entail investigating and prosecuting the Mafia. Never mind all the attempts I myself have made to contact the San Francisco FBI office with no success. I believe this specially appointed team was fired last week because they managed to make the situation worse than it was before they came, in addition to failing miserably at resolving the problem(s). Never mind the use of the Twitter/internet feed that for some insane reason people rely on as a credible source of information (which has also been withheld from me).

Oh yea, supporting the publication of my manuscript financially (i.e. my previous Pubslush campaigns) is perfectly fine, although those campaigns have since ended. I have no idea what other people have been lead to believe, but no harm will come to me or anyone else by contributing to me financially or in other ways (I also have digital photography for sale on my FineArtAmerica profile). The same holds true for the media (newspaper, magazine, TV, etc…). There is absolutely no reason not to promote this story publicly on television or online. Like I said, I don’t know what other people have been led to believe, but I can assure you, it isn’t true. I am still looking for a national media outlet (CNN, 60 Minutes, 20/20) to give me an interview. This story has been suppressed long enough.

Perhaps the Senate Intelligence Committee sent a few people out here to investigate the CIA? It’s possible, although I still have not been contacted by anyone regarding Loach, and at this point I’m guessing no one ever will. The biggest cause of this problem, the person (and group of people) who prompted the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill, as well as every major retailer in the San Jose area to file suit (Loach), is still here. Is is really that difficult to figure out what to do with him? Are so many people that cowardly and incompetent that they still can’t bring themselves to share his information with me or include me? This would seem to be the case, and it is truly a sad state of affairs when the one thing the U.S. government fears most is a mere lawsuit.

I pose the following questions to my readers:

– who is Loach? what is his real name? does he have a mailing address?

– why am I still being kept out of the proceedings? (assuming there are still people actively working on this)

– who was in charge of this investigation/trial initially? names and phone numbers please

– who is currently in charge of this investigation/trial? names and phone numbers please

Trust me, providing me with this information is not illegal and you will not be breaking any laws. They can’t sue you for providing me with this information because they have no grounds for a lawsuit. The only person who has grounds to sue is ME. I can be contacted by email at or by cell (408) 823-7774 (I only have one phone number).


Jennifer Myers

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