Why Are They Still Here?

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Here is a pattern that the evil terrorists in Spc 64 have taken to using lately: use me as an excuse for them to delay leaving the house and finishing the investigation. The first time it happened, Vladimir Putin and Robert Mueller actually ended up blaming James Comey’s dick, and said they couldn’t finish because of his dick issues. The second time, they used me as an excuse to stay (presumably through the end of this week, since today is the last day of the month). They decided I as long as I called the plumber and got the shower and tub drain cleared, everything would be ok and in the clear. They were already half-packed and anxiously waiting to leave the house next door. However, both drains were cleared yesterday afternoon and so far, nothing has happened.

Next excuse, my “solo sex tape” used/taken unauthorized, illegally and presumably used for blackmail. This was also blamed on me entirely and they took pictures to “teach me a lesson.” The people who blamed me were basically everyone, but this incident falls primarily on James Comey and Vladimir Putin (at least in terms of assigning blame – on me of course).

The next (almost) excuse that was used was someone who refuses to give his name (this is because they are the most pathetic, miserable, slimy, whiny bunch of cowardly, ball-less fucks I have EVER had the misfortune to NOT encounter). They just about claimed that they had to stay in Spc 64 because James Comes has to start a new chapter of his book/life or whatever. Whoever started to make this statement must have been told to refrain from making this claim (around me anyway) due to the fact that they might actually be misleading other people. Holy Crap! What a concept! There is actually a reason my website is about Buddhism and Women’s Empowerment.

Are they actually misleading anyone? I mean anyone other than myself that is. Congratulations U.S. government and all the other pathetic losers in Spc 64. You’re all a bunch of disgusting, perverted Neanderthal’s. Good luck trying to make your way in the outside world after this.

Good Bye.


Jennifer L Myers

P.S. I actually live in the house next door to you (Spc 65).

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