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I would like to post the following information/warning for general public information. This is related to witchcraft/evil/hex/devil/spells being practiced here by a few of the people at Space 64. There was some sort of witchcraft book being passed around similar to this one:

black magic

Last night A. Javier was jealous and spiteful so she started seeking an answer from me, but instead she stared directly into A. McKellar’s iPad (she was hacking into my video feed). I heard, “Is there an answer for me?” I turned away and I saw in my mind an image of the vast depth of the universe across the expanse of time and space, only it was shattered into a million slivers in every imaginable direction: the evil came from within her own mind but was redirected back at her. I believe she was casting a spell using the “evil eye” (third eye) . She also had a gold amulet around her neck that perhaps was drawing the energy source from somewhere else (Poltergeist) .

The same thing happened again with A. Javier again this afternoon and a few hours later I realized that after last night’s episode maybe a better way to deal with her evil intent was to attempt to block her by placing another person’s palm up against her face to prevent her from continuing in the evil direction she was headed.

I looked back at this Sexual Harassment Lawsuit and realized that after dealing with A. Cooper’s meth detox for a week or so and J. Bruning’s dinner attempt, something else was happening. I believe all of these people below are casting a witch’s spell with the intent of causing me specific harm using specific tools (i.e. acupuncture needles, gun, butcher knife, third eye, amulet, stopping their breathing, IV drip, masturbation, headsets, etc…).

As I have been practicing Buddhism for 30 years, I previously assumed the connection was merely karmic in nature. The end result for me was primarily physical effects that could be attributed to muscle tension, neck tension, stiff muscles, and muscle soreness – issues that could be resolved simply by moving around a lot and stretching.

However, while eating dinner a few hours ago in my own house and with J. Bruning in Spc 64 (along with everyone else over there) attempting to mix up my own dinner in my own mouth at the exact same time I was actually chewing and swallowing, I realized there was a difference. He was probably casting a spell at the same time as he was chewing and swallowing in an attempt to prolong and put off his own detox for as long as possible.

I believe A. Javier initiated this sort of witchcraft herself by telling and/or threatening other people to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo backwards, as some sort of “devil practice” as opposed to my own Buddhist practice. I believe others did this as well, and the result of this backwards chanting resulted in their own evil nature being re-directed back at them.

Within the past 2-3 weeks

  • B. Hussein – meth IV drip
  • O. Bin Laden – masturbation
  • A. McCabe – masturbation/volume?
  • K. Walter – acupuncture needles physical pain
  • J. Brown – stop breathing
  • B. Sanders
  • A. Javier – gun, knife [hex] physical pain
  • A. Cooper – knife, meth head physical pain
  • J. Bruning – eating
  • R. Zaldivar? gun physical pain
  • S. Myers – instigator (passing around the weapons)

It is my belief that this issue needs to be dealt with as soon as possible so the witchcraft stays contained within Spc 64 as it is extremely evil.

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